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The Outsiders: Grief paragraph: Expository Writing
Mrs. Kristine Lockwood


    English 08


The student will conduct Internet research and compose a paragraph based on the research.


The student will gather and sort information from an assigned web site.


  • Teacher: Several hard copies of web sites for students unable to access the Internet
  • Teacher: Handouts with instructions and web address
  • Students: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
  • Students: Laptop computers


    Day One
      1. Introduction:
      Have you ever helped a friend deal with a loss?
      How did that friend feel?
      Did your friendís behavior change as he or she adjusted to the loss?

      2. Relate to The Outsiders:
      What losses did Ponyboy experience in the story?
      How did his losses affect his behavior?

      3. Assignment:
      For the next four classes you will work on an assignment called the Grief Paragraph. You will research and take notes on the stages of grieving, and then you will apply the information you find to Ponyboyís experience in The Outsiders.

      4. Distribute handout.
      Give them silent time to absorb it.
      Review the assignment sheet with them, and have them highlight the web address, the paragraph requirements, and the time frame.

      5. Students may begin working.
      Teacher circulates to help students as needed.

      6. Close:
      How did your research go?
      Successes? Problems?
      What did you learn about grief?

      Day Two

      1. Opening: What did we work on yesterday?  Review stages of grief.  What is your job for today (students should answer based on the time frame noted on their handout). 

      2. Paragraph writing: Some of you are ready to write your paragraph.  Letís brainstorm what you may in include in your paragraphs.  Note: Draw outline or web on board. 

      3. Students may begin working.  Teacher circulates to assist.

      4. Close: Review what students have learned.

      Day Three

      1. Opening: What have you found in your research?  How are you going to spend today?  Note: All students should start writing their paragraphs.

      2. Students may begin working.  Teacher circulates to assist.

      3. Close: How can you apply what you learned to your own life?  How can this information help you understand yourself and others?

      4. Homework: Finish paragraphs.  You will submit both your notes and your paragraph.  Review paper policy so paragraphs meet quality standards.

      Day Four

      Note: The assignment on this day will not take the entire class.

      1. Opening: How did the paragraph writing go?  Please take out your paragraphs.  What parts gave you trouble?  What parts were the easiest to write?

      2. Brainstorm assessment list on board: We are going to share our paragraphs aloud.  As each person shares, what should we look for?  Students should take out paper to make notes while they are listening to peers read.

      3. Sharing: Ask for volunteers to share.  Tell students to listen for what the reader did well and to think about one suggestion for an improvement.  After student has read, that student should take notes based on feedback from the class.

      4. Homework: Students should revise their paragraph based on feedback from peers and teacher.

      5. Close: What did you enjoy about this activity?  How should I change it for next year?